Resorts World Sentosa

CNY Gala 2020


Creative Direction

Art Direction


Created a 30 mins full animated show for RWS VIPs’ annual Chinese New Year Gala Dinner. Visuals are integrated for all the live performances on stage, making the whole experience immersive and interactive.

We 'transformed' the whole 6,000 sqm RWS’ ballroom into multiple thematic visual dimensions, from a futuristic and whimsical Utopia filled with floating crystals and rainbow mountains, to an enchanted forest in bloom inhabited by cute and joy-triggering rats.

Visuals are displayed on the 270 degree screens which surrounds the ballroom creating an immersive experience

Design process

Sketches and mood board for each scene

Scene 1 : Opening

The show starts off with a bang. CNY celebratory feeling with firecrackers and lanterns. At the end of the scene the celebratory feeling slowly transits away.

Overall Mood: Warm colors. Traditional but with modern feel.

Scene 2 : Drifting to dreamland

The scene transits towards the night sky. following the floating lanterns up as the scene gets darker.

Overall Mood:

A mixed of warm and cool colors. Night scene. City lights.

Scene 3 : Utopian world in dreamscape

Transition with blinking lights to reveal magical dream space. Filled with constellations, lights and geometric

shapes. Neon metallic floating objects

Overall Mood:

neon blinking lights. space

Scene 4 : Time travel

Entering into a vortex. Of light streaks. past zodiacs appears in a form of polygonal constellations. Metallic

objects appears and form the metal rat. Bright lights during the formation. Explosion of lights across the screens

Overall Mood:

neon lights. space

Scene 5 : Fantasy springland

Bright lights fade away. Burst of

flowers and falling petals. fantasy springland appears.

Flowers and butterflies. Cute playful rats gradually starts appearing. Close up of flowers. Scene slowly pans

Overall Mood:

Flowers blossoming.  Bright vibrant colors.

Scene 6 : Warrior temple

Training temple appears. Traditional temple structure but with modern/futuristic feel.

Overall Mood:

traditional temple with a futuristic touch.

Scene 7 : Time travel back

Entering into a vortex. Of light streaks.

Overall Mood:

bright neon lights. futuristic

Scene 8 : Finale

Scene returns back to city skyline.

Blinking constellations in the sky.

Celebratory Ending with fireworks.

Overall Mood:

city lights. celebratory mood